The role of technology in advancing the strategic vision of industry has officially moved to center stage. For some organizations, advanced technology serves as the most critical form of competitive advantage on which the organization relies. Confounding the ability to leverage technology, however, is that the hype and excitement of some technologies conceal the practical value of others.

The intersection between Call Centers and Lean Six Sigma.

Call Centers operate in a data rich environment. Two veterans of call center management discuss the advantages and approaches to bring Lean Six Sigma to call centers, and the impact these methods can have on operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Technology update: Call Centers (pdf)

Just when you thought there was nothing new in this space, Creato tracks a series of companies and products injecting new wine into old bottles.

Instant gratification takes too long (pdf)

And this is one reason why “Lean” methodologies have become such a popular complement to Six Sigma and other PI efforts. IT suppliers should recognize the opportunities from this movement, described in this February 2006 article from Managed Industry Executive.

Link to Learn (pdf)

E-learning initiatives, enhanced by traditional classroom tools, can help your ROI make the grade.

“A rose by any other name…”

A rose by any other name is still a rose, or so the saying goes. This certainly holds true for the elusive Electronic Medical Record (EMR) , known also as the Computerized Patient Record (CPR), the Electronic Health Record (EHR), and by countless other descriptions. Although as idealized as the rose, it remains an ideal in search of a prototype. This article from Managed Industry Executive provides a sensible framework for organizations determined to accelerate their transition to the true and complete digitization of medical records.

The New Rules of Technology ROI

The Healthcare industry, once determined to use narrow quantitative metrics in evaluating the return on investment from technology, has slowly evolved toward more subjective and strategic oriented measures in determining the direction of their technology investments. Read more about it in the cover story to Managed Industry’s August 2000 issue.

E-rasing obstacles to effective clinical trials

It is made possible by new technology tools and web-based resources. Creato managing partner Ian R. Lazarus provides this review of current technology options in the September 2001 issue of Pharmaceutical Executive.

“Plastic or Paper?”

Clinical Research Organizations still operate in a paper-based environment, but this will change as the industry comes under increasing pressure to support the necessary growth trajectories of their pharma clients. More on this in the July 2001 issue of Pharmaceutical Executive.

Learn About Opportunities around the World for US-based Technology Solutions

A case study in European Managed Health Care that could revolutionize the way Industry services are delivered around the world.

CRM & Medical Call Center Programs Revolutionize Industry Delivery

CRM & Medical Call Center Programs deliver “Personal Health Management” to consumers, lowering Industry costs and adding value.

Personal Health Management from the Consumer’s Perspective

Learn why consumers will continue to drive innovation in Industry delivery, particularly the trend we call “Personal Health Management”

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