Finally, management and staff working together in one application, creating transparency, accountability … and unlimited achievement.


COMPASS® is a project portfolio management system designed to sustain your organization’s quality and performance improvement activity.



COMPASS creates a pipeline of improvement opportunities that are automatically prioritized for consideration by management. Projects are resourced on a timely basis, and improvement teams are guided, step-by-step, through the completion of work necessary to achieve breakthrough improvement. The best tools for each problem are recommended and provided to the end user. Real-time reports are available in an A3 format, the reporting tool of choice for many organizations today. Accelerate your ROI from improvement work because you are completing more projects - and completing all projects, in less time than before.


Although organizations that have experience with applying the principles of Lean and Six Sigma will be able to leverage COMPASS quickly, any organization with a commitment to improve can apply COMPASS to reach higher levels of performance.

Do Things Right; Do the Right Things

Democratize Your Ideation

Marry perception with reality using COMPASS. Users can favor projects with a star rating while the system can analytically rate each projects potential. The result is an overall flavor of the potential of each project, the support it will receive, and the outcomes it will create.


Relevant Reports

Dynamic reports allow you to drill down to department level, sort by the most compelling project opportunity, and see the progress of projects in flight. Finally, everybody knows what is being worked on, and an institutional memory is created for tracking best practices.

Nothing to install; secure as a Vault

Designed and delivered to your team as a cloud-based system, COMPASS will accommodate various permissions to secure information for the benefit of the end-user and management team. Share what you wish; keep in-process work private.


“COMPASS is a cornerstone to any performance improvement project”

“COMPASS has greatly impacted our quality and culture”

“The product is excellent and helps our organization to complete a lot of projects”

“COMPASS is a prerequisite toolset for ongoing quality improvement efforts in healthcare”

“Great Platform for Performance Improvement projects”


Who doesn’t have 5 minutes to learn more?

Rene N, Chief Compliance Officer at Emergence Health Network

“The Compass system has greatly impacted the quality & work culture”

“The business problems being solved via COMPASS involve mostly process improvements and system inefficiencies intrinsic in the delivery of integrated care services. Benefits realized in the first year of implementation of COMPASS include $134,000 ROI. The system has harnessed a unified team approach to problem solving center-wide while ensuring executive level engagement with every launched project. “

Rene N
Chief Compliance Officer at Emergence Health Network

manage your improvement portfolio while demonstrating your commitment to transparency

How many good ideas get lost with the passage of time? COMPASS will retain all ideas in a pipeline for when timing is optimal.

End-users can frame an improvement idea with the benefit of the COMPASS system, which will apply selected criteria to rank each idea.

Employee engagement improves as COMPASS builds an improvement pipeline. Only the best ideas get resourced.

Create Statistical Superheros

Individuals with little experience in improvement work can immediately begin using COMPASS. The product is simple, intuitive, and very easy to use.

Want to push Lean principles deep into your organization? COMPASS includes the full “Lean ” training program offered by the American Society for Quality. Creato created this program for ASQ, which markets the product worldwide. Now, it comes with your COMPASS, providing guidance to staff in the completion of improvement projects.


COMPASS also offers a broad range of tools to support improvement work, including Control and Gantt charts, Fishbone diagrams, Gage R&R tools, and a Value Stream Mapping program complete with computerized simulation. Tutorials are included on most tools, and end-users are “interviewed” by the system, which builds out the tool.

Your staff will never have to purchase or toggle between products in the course of improvement work, because COMPASS has all necessary tools in one place.

Unify management and staff in one application that creates collaboration, transparency, & accountability.


lean out your improvement efforts

COMPASS will guide your teams through the completion of improvement work by recommending the critical steps needed, in the order they are required.

More than this, COMPASS won’t force you to use a method that is not familiar. It can guide you through the most common methodologies:


  • PDSA

  • Kaizen

  • A3

  • ISO 9001

  • 5S

... or accomodate a method that you choose to employ.

Finish more projects - and finish projects faster - with the guidance of your COMPASS.

“An amazing product with unmatched ROI.
COMPASS is in a class by itself.”

Craig Saylor, Chief Executive Officer,
Somerset Hospital, Somerset PA


align with an industry leader for your needs today and tomorrow

COMPASS is a product that will grow with you over time. You may not use all features today, but by the time you do, more features will be added.

What else is on our product roadmap? Talk to us to find out! You’ll likely be surprised how closely the future COMPASS developments align with your future business needs. We’ve been working on performance improvement for 2 decades!

Contact us today for a demonstration of COMPASS. It takes only 30 minutes to appreciate the future of project management!

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