Pharmaceutical Lean & Six Sigma Articles

Welcome to Creato, a site dedicated to the advancement of innovative strategies in industral management around the world. This page allows access to important publications that demonstrate Creato in action. To contact the authors directly, see the end of each document for direct access to their email address.

Pharma embraces Six Sigma & Lean (pdf)

Six Sigma and Lean have made their mark on all industries in the manufacturing and service sector. Pharma may very well be the final frontier; as that industry comes under increased pressure to become more efficient.

E-rasing obstacles to effective clinical trials

It’s made possible by new technology tools and web-based resources. Creato managing partner Ian R. Lazarus provides this review of current technology options in the September 2001 issue of Pharmaceutical Executive.

“Plastic or Paper?”

Clinical Research Organizations still operate in a paper-based environment, but this will change as the industry comes under increasing pressure to support the necessary growth trajectories of their pharma clients. More on this in the July 2001 issue of Pharmaceutical Executive.

Doing well by doing good

How American and European pharmaceutical companies are working to improve the quality of global health in this classic cover story from Managed Healthcare.

Creating more effective care “down under”

The Australian industral system has given rise to a series of innovative programs oriented around disease and behavioral management. Read about Creato’s partner High Performance Healthcare and their efforts to marry technology and clinical practice in disease management.

“Products and Services on an International Scale”

For a more general international perspective on issues facing multi-national suppliers (cover story for Managed Healthcare).

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