You have many choices in charting a path to performance improvement (“PI”). From big consulting houses, boutique firms, to going it alone, the choices are endless.

So, why trust such an important decision to Creato?

  1. We offer the most comprehensive solution in performance improvement, bar none. No other firm can match Creato’s scope of resources, nor our flexibility in customizing a PI program tailored to meet the needs of your organization. This all means you won’t have to search for a piecemeal solution – it’s all under one roof. Your staff will readily identify with our materials which will not only inform, but inspire.
  2. No solution is a forced fit. Training companies can only offer training – and therefore will de-emphasize the value or importance of consulting before a larger investment is made. Similarly, consulting firms only offer consulting – and therefore cannot support a deployment as well as a more diversified firm. Creato does not need to unsell any option – as all options are on the table from the moment we begin working together.
  3. You will get more value for your money with Creato. Not only do we maintain a lower overhead than big consulting houses, but because we leverage technology like e-learning – and deploy resources through the same medium – we can build a large scale deployment of performance improvement capability for a fraction of the cost of other firms. Demo our e-learning platform. And because we consult while we train, many clients get the benefit of both project consulting and training in the same engagement, at no extra cost.
  4. We are in it for the long haul. Creato was formed in 1998, long before most companies in our space. Our staff possess an average of 20+ years of experience in healthcare performance improvement. Meet our team. The quality of our people is our greatest asset, and our staff can readily understand a performance problem and immediately mobilize resources toward improvement. You also don’t have to worry about the “revolving door” found in other firms, since the consultant you meet at the beginning is the same person that will remain in charge of your success and satisfaction throughout your engagement. And since most of our staff have been with us 10 years or more, that is not likely to change anytime soon!
  5. The company we keep. Your own due diligence is an important part of any exercise to choose a partner in PI. Take some comfort in knowing that some of the most respected organizations have already selected Creato as their industry partner, including both the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), among others. Both ASQ and ACHE offer Creato educational programs to their individual members.
  6. Always looking forward. Creato was the first to recognize the potential of Six Sigma and published widely on its potential. Similarly, we were quick to complement Six Sigma with Lean and began offering both through ASQ as online programs. We were the first to offer training in a “blended” format, combining classroom and e-learning in a single curriculum. We are the only firm to have taken an empirical approach to helping our clients select the best qualified candidates for work in performance improvement. We are already working on what we believe will be the next frontier in performance improvement, the COMPASS Quality Management System. We pride ourselves on being innovative, and bringing this innovation directly to our clients.

Give us a call today, and shorten the distance between You and Improved.

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