For the Healthcare industry, Process Improvement is a requirement by law – hospitals, healthcare groups, and clinics have no choice but to implement improvement processes or risk fines.

Ultimately, delivering a high level of patient care while reducing costs and waste, are the priorities of the healthcare industry: and Lean Six Sigma fits this goal like a glove. Since LEAN Six Sigma is a complicated process, with many balls in the air at once, a Project Portfolio Management software like COMPASS QMS can help organize and prioritize all of these goals.


Forged from the mandated need for improvement in the healthcare industry, COMPASS was designed to help newly indoctrinated users to Lean Six Sigma with their ideation, categorization of potential projects as well as manage their execution as well as aid seasoned Black Belts perform statistical analysis of improvement ideas and ultimately find the data to support their project improvements.

It’s a challenge to get your Lean Six Sigma projects going when your Lean Six Sigma projects don’t have wheels to go with. The healthcare industry has a ring-side seat to this dilemma.

“The system is straight forward, simple to use, and provides a step by step guide for the chosen performance improvement methodology. The “Lean Training Guide” and “Tools” are a definite bonus for all COMPASS Quality Management System users. On a regular basis, COMPASS provides clinics, which assist users in how to best utilize the tools within the system. The experience behind each team member of is beyond exceptional and it is great to have the support of individuals who have the knowledge to best assist you in your performance improvement endeavors.”

Cynthia M.

Your Solutions-Driven Management

A PPM software helps focus your Lean Six Sigma process improvements

It really is amazing what process improvement analysis can unearth – simple coding errors, if addressed, can realize recovered payment potential of almost $1 million, identifying current processes in the ER that actually hinder efficiency and changing them, implementing streamlined processes that can improve patient care – the potential for hospitals and healthcare facilities is stunning.

By nature, managing a healthcare company is complicated. The many moving parts to make an organization run also present opportunities for improvement. Billing, , Inventory, Patient Care, Nursing staff, administrative staff, the physical facility itself, vendors and suppliers, accounts receivable, insurance companies, proper ID9 coding and more. There are so many opportunities and so many parts to track. That is where a PPM software can become a vital tool for Healthcare companies.

Bring Order to Chaos

The COMPASS system has its roots in healthcare. Designed to help facilitate tracking of healthcare project improvements, by bringing order to chaos, COMPASS has expanded to offer critical data-driven analysis of potential ideas that are in line with company strategic goals, real-time tracking of progress on projects, tutorials for new and seasoned users of Lean Six Sigma, secure cloud-based system that does not require adapting to the corporate IT platform, access for all authorized employees to update their projects and robust reporting features.


Healthcare is one of the most complicated business structures ever devised – there are so many moving parts, pieces, processes, players, and considerations that need to be taken into account when implementing process improvement. In the meanwhile, implementing process improvement can be an imperfect and wasteful process. A Project Portfolio Management system, such as COMPASS, has been proven to help large and small healthcare companies see true value and improvements in business process, patient care, ROI, cost cutting and more while streamlining the improvement process itself. With its one-stop for all system, COMPASS is a go-to improvement tool for healthcare as well as any industry that could benefit from process improvements.

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