What is the big deal about Big Data? Tackling and leveraging Big Data is considered one of the biggest challenges of business in the 21st century. You are right to be concerned about it!

Unfortunately, many people feel that if they have not determined how to acquire Big Data, to process it, and to unlock its secrets, that the game has been lost. The fact is, you don’t need a massive technical infrastructure, statistical wizards, or deep pockets to begin harvesting Big Data.


In his blog post “What’s the big deal about big data,” Creato’s CEO takes us on a journey to understand how to separate “good data” from “Big Data” so that you don’t waste your time making poor decisions based on poor sources of information.

“COMPASS is an “electronic history book,” of sorts – we can easily view (and celebrate) every improvement we’ve implemented since 2014.”

Amy Fisher

Your Solutions-Driven Management

In summary:

  • You don’t need “Big Data” to make improvements
  • The right data is more important than Big Data – not all data is good data!
  • Asking the right questions is the next step – A PPM guides the process
  • Leveraging PPM tools will reveal the secrets you seek and efficiently guide your actions going forward


PPMs guide discovery; discovery drives improvement. PPMs answer the final, most important question, “did the change we make represent an improvement?”

Big Data is big – that doesn’t mean it will answer the critical questions. For that, you need a PPM.

Creato’s COMPASS® Quality Management System is tackling the challenge of harvesting Big Data. Ask us to show you how in a brief demonstration.

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