Creato ProDirector platform now includes Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Module

Scottsdale, Arizona

Creato Creato announced today the newest feature in their project management platform, ProDirector, which will now include Value Based Purchasing (VBP) metrics and analysis.

In 2011, Creato launched ProDirector, their proprietary project management and tracking platform designed to assist healthcare organizations with their Performance Improvement (PI), Lean, and Six Sigma deployments. The application will now include the capability to display a hospital’s Value-Based Purchasing metrics through a dashboard within the software. Identification of Process of Care and Experience of Care metrics that present the best opportunity for improvement are readily identified and quantified. The program then links the user to a specific project improvement template designed to guide improvements in the underlying processes involved.

“Our Value Based Purchasing dashboard will assist hospitals to directly link their VBP metrics with specific performance improvement projects, allowing them to focus on those metrics that present the most opportunity for improvement”, states Mark Mathews, MD, Managing Partner for Creato. He adds, “This alignment facilitates targeted process improvements resulting in higher VBP scores and increased revenue as a result.” Creato’s Founding Partner, Ian R. Lazarus, observes “the predictive power of this new module is remarkably accurate, allowing pro-active hospitals to perform “ahead of the curve” as each VBP Performance Period progresses.” These new capabilities within our ProDirector platform will provide hospitals with additional leverage in their quest for breakthrough levels of process efficiency and patient satisfaction.”

About Creato: Creato Performance Solutions has been providing technologies and training to support corporate performance improvement for over 20 years. Today, Creato is a leading provider in the U.S. of Lean and Six Sigma deployment, and Project Portfolio Management products including the COMPASS® Quality Management System. Their combined classroom and online training programs are available a variety of other channel partners across the U.S. A recent study of 150 projects completed by Creato clients over the past 10 years revealed an average return on investment of 7:1.

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