A recent study of software applications found that users leverage less than 10% of the product’s capability. Why is that?

Think about the applications your organization has licensed that are suboptimized or totally abandoned. How does this happen? Why does the hype give way to lackluster utilization and performance?


It goes without saying that “adoption” is the most important criteria in determining if a software investment will produce desired results. But if the application is not intuitive, easy to use, and compatible with the way in which work is done today, the climb to reach critical mass in adoption becomes insurmountable.

“The COMPASS Quality Management System is the cornerstone to any performance improvement project.”

Chynthia Moreno.

Your Solutions-Driven Management

You should not have to adapt to the use of a new tool, the tool should adapt to the way you want to work.

The best PPM tools adapt to you:

  1. Supporting the criteria that you use to evaluate new ideas and opportunities
  2. Adapting the scoring mechanism you use to prioritize new projects
  3. Accommodating the workflow and improvement methodologies you use daily
  4. Providing multiple options for cross-communication and collaboration
  5. Communicating out to only the stakeholders that you designate
  6. Presenting the reports that you wish to see in the formats you wish to see them


Creato’s COMPASS® solution was designed to serve an international community of end users, from a small business in a small town, to one of the largest health systems in the US. Learn more about how COMPASS can adapt to your needs, taking your organization to the next level in improvement capability.

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