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Leadership Development

Leadership Development and Support Program

The Leadership Development Program from Creato focuses on developing a powerful and sustainable leadership model based on the competencies of emotional intelligence: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management.

Taking an emotionally intelligent approach to leading others empowers leaders to build the critical leadership component of trust and to more effectively “connect” with the people they lead. These leaders know how to leverage that connectivity to inspire and motivate the people they lead, build stronger teams, resolve or avoid conflict, communicate more effectively, and develop their overall personal leadership effectiveness.

As author and psychologist Daniel Goleman states… “it’s all based on people’s emotions. For employees, how a leader makes them feel plays a large role in their level of motivation, commitment, and even drives their brain into (or out of) the best zone for marshaling whatever cognitive abilities and skills they bring to the job.”

Emotionally intelligent leaders know how to first understand and manage their own behaviors and emotions and then how to understand the emotions of the people they lead. That understanding fosters the building of trust between leaders and followers and greatly reduces or eliminates the obstacles that so often interfere with building a strong team, department, or organization.

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