Creato announces release date and features for COMPASS® v.4.1

San Diego, California (July 31, 2014)—Creato announced today that the release of version 4.1 of its COMPASS® Quality Management System has been set for October 1, 2014. The company also identified the key enhancements to be received by current licensees.

To go beyond current capabilities that support end users in the Lean methodologies, Creato will be replacing its Video Training Library within COMPASS with the complete "Lean for Healthcare" training program, currently offered as a separate product. By combining this with COMPASS' core capabilities, the product becomes a fit for organizations that are either highly evolved in their improvement capabilities, or just beginning to establish a competent infrastructure for improvement work.

"We are excited to bring these two great products together in one system," says Ian R. Lazarus, Creato's Managing Partner and Founder. "There is no product in the industry today that will match COMPASS' value, capabilities, or potential."

The COMPASS Quality Management System was introduced to help organizations to identify, launch, track and complete improvement projects. Designed originally for manufacturing, it is in place today in over 150 separate organizations. Creato's "Lean for Healthcare" program was launched in 2002, and later adopted in 2005 by The American Society for Quality as their product of choice for Lean training within healthcare environments. In addition to being licensed by ASQ for its worldwide membership and used extensively across Creato's client network, the Lean program is also employed by The University of Michigan to augment the curriculum within their Graduate School of Public Health.

Together with existing licensees, Creato will offer version 4.1 of COMPASS to any organization with a published price quote through September 31, 2014. After this date, a new pricing program will be introduced offering new licensees the option of acquiring COMPASS with or without the Lean for Healthcare training modules.

About Creato: Creato Performance Solutions ( has been providing technologies and training to support corporate performance improvement for nearly 20 years. Today, Creato is a leading provider of Lean and Six Sigma deployment, and Project Portfolio Management products including the COMPASS® Quality Management System. Their combined classroom and online training programs are available through the American Society for Quality (ASQ), and a variety of other channel partners across the U.S. A recent study of 150 projects completed by Creato clients over the past 10 years revealed an average return on investment of 7:1.

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