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Our clients average a 7:1 Return on Investment

Creato is the industry leader at applying lean and six sigma principles to process improvement. We believe leaders should have all the tools they need to excel in their mission.

Our comprehensive approach delivers outstanding results that can't be found anywhere else in the industry because every engagement is customized to meet the needs of our client.

"Creato's team helped me build infrastructure for an effective performance improvement program. Our future demands that organizations improve quality and reliability. Their team has provided us the tools, practices, and expertise that helps our organization build these competencies."

Rick Rawson,
Chief Executive Officer
Loma Linda University Medical Center - Murrieta
Murrieta, CA

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Lean Six Sigma helps organizations achieve a number of important process improvement goals:

  • Improve the Customer Experience
  • Decrease Defective Products
  • Reduce Waste
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Lower Costs
Customer Benefits

Lean Six Sigma starts with a focus on "the voice of the customer." By applying these methods to the delivery of products and services, customers spend less time waiting for services or returning defective products.

Organization Benefits

For organizations applying Lean Six Sigma, the results are compelling: reduced waste, improved efficiency, satisfied customers and staff, improved financial performance- the list goes on an on. Overall, this leads to a better place to work – and the best place to receive care.

Success Stories
Scottsdale Healthcare
  • Applied Six Sigma to patient throughput in ED
  • Time from discharge to inpatient bed reduced by 10%
  • Improved ED throughput estimated to improve revenue by $600,000 annually
Palomar Health
  • Applied Six Sigma to reduce lab time
  • Performance Improved 25%
  • Variation reduced 50%
Banner Health
  • Applied Six Sigma to improving collections
  • Design for Experiments (DOE) applied to process improvement
  • Over 100% improvement in onsite collections
Palomar Health
  • Applied Six Sigma to patient throughput in ED
  • Time from discharge to inpatient bed reduced by 10%
  • Improved ED throughput estimated to improve revenue by $600,000 annually
3 MINUTES 6 SIGMA 7:1 ROI - Watch Video
Not convinced? No problem, we'll prove it

Free Assessment

Creato recently reviewed over 150 projects conducted over the past 10 years, and came to a stunning conclusion: On average, we delivered a 7:1 return on investment. We've achieved this by helping our customers understand the best way to apply lean six sigma to their organizations.

We want you to have the same success. We're offering a free assessment of your capabilities to determine the best way for your organization to apply lean six sigma in order to reach your process improvement goals. Our assessment includes:

  • Comprehensive descriptive statistics on your process (mean, mode, variation)
  • Sigma Level as revealed through capability analysis and comparison of performance to expectations
  • Executive Summary of our findings

Free Assessment


"Our experience with Creato has been very positive. It's been great to see the projects come together. I was amazed at how well prepared and already knowledgeable the students were so early in to the engagement. Tiffany does a wonderful job with feedback. I like how she gives praise but asks the hard questions too. She has been a good fit for this team. I feel we are moving along perfectly!"

Brian Bessent
Vice President, Administration
Hendrick Healthcare
Abilene, TX

"During the past year, Creato has helped us to create new processes linked to significant IT initiatives, including EMR, Centralized Scheduling, Materials Management system replacement, Pharmacy system and barcode implementation."

Barbara Knutzen
Chief Operating Officer
St. Joseph's Community Hospital
West Bend, WI

"The benefit of working with Creato was not just the result, which was impressive, but that we could anticipate the results from the power of statistical models long before we asked the laboratory to change in any way."

Jerry Kolins, MD FACHE,
Medical Director
Palomar Pomerado Health Laboratory Services

Holy Family Memorial has been recognized by the AHA and many other organizations for its Improvement and Innovation processes, and the foundation they form for our Reform Roadmap, which is cited on the AHA's Great Boards website. Creato has been a great partner in helping HFM integrate LEAN and Six Sigma into our culture. Staff, physicians and leaders are fully engaged. With Creato, HFM is truly "reform ready!"

Mark Herzog
President & CEO
Holy Family Memorial
Manitowoc, WI

We had a list of what the staff and physicians said they needed; but we knew we didn't have either the space or the money to do it all. We needed a way to reach consensus on our priorities. The best way to do that was to bring the Six Sigma process into our design process. The end result was that we used evidence to achieve consensus on our priorities for the design. Creato was a great partner!

Pat Nemeth
Vice President of Facilities Management
Sharp Healthcare
San Diego, CA

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Develop Strategy
Develop Strategy
Quick Wins
Quick Wins
Perform and Track
Perform and Track
PI Infrastructure
PI Infrastructure
Expand Capabilities
Expand Capabilities
Rapid Action Planning
A no nonsense, rapid problem-solving method that provides for an organized and effective response to nearly any departmental or cross-functional performance problem. Based on the successful GE method known as "WorkOut."

The Lean Sigma Accelerator
Take the best of Six Sigma while leaving behind the complexity of the method that drives others away. Get returns from Six Sigma methods in 3 months or less.
Strategic Planning
A range of options to facilitate the creation of a strategic plan for your PI program, or the entire corporation. See how we do it.

PI Today
An introductory course for C-level executives to assist in understanding the range of performance improvement methods available today.

Project Selection Support
For organizations ready to get started, our Creato facilitators will help you prioritize projects, establish relative merits of each project, and begin the important work of obtaining breakthrough improvement.

Project Management
Creato will deploy consultants with 20+ years of experience and fully certified in Lean and Six Sigma to help you wrestle the most challenging problems to the ground.
Building Strong Lean & Six Sigma Teams
Find out how to better choose people to enter the rigorous Lean or Six Sigma training curriculum to achieve a greater likelihood of success.

Executive Training
Brief your organization's entire C-suite on the details of its journey to operational excellence.

Champion Training
Bring the entire management team on board for its journey to organizational excellence.

Candidate Assessment & Support
The work of performance improvement is not for everybody. Creato has developed a proprietary, empirical method for identifying the best candidates for training. This saves time and money and creates a common purpose among participants that allows everyone to work at peak levels of performance.

Eradicate waste through this popular method used by nearly all service industries today. Drive greater economies, throughput and customer satisfaction by streamlining processes at all levels.

Six Sigma
Tackle the most difficult of all performance improvement problems with the most robust performance improvement method known to industry. Yellow, Green, and Black belt Training offered.
Lean & Six Sigma Deployment
The ultimate in PI Capability. Creato will train and certify your staff in the Lean and Six Sigma methods, working with you to design and deliver a program tailored to your specific needs. Creato staff are qualified to train through the American Society for Quality (ASQ) where other Creato programs are offered.

Creato's Continuous Learning Laboratory
Creato was the first to offer a Lean and Six Sigma curriculum and has since expanded to serve all industries. Today, this robust online application will not only train in the application of these techniques, it will support your staff for their entire journey in performance improvement with tools, templates and an entire statistical decision support tool embedded right there in the program!

Compass is a cloud-based project management platform that provides a ready infrastructure to support your Performance Improvement (PI), Lean, and Six Sigma deployments. It links your balanced scorecard to your PI projects and provides practical tools and tutorials in a single package. Compass is designed to help provide strategic alignment of your projects, organize and track on-going progress and provide sophisticated monitoring and reporting
Design for Six Sigma
The traditional Six Sigma method is applied to fix a broken process. Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is applied where no prior process exists, or performance is so poor that a fresh start is needed. DFSS has been applied to the creation of new processes, the consolidation of fragmented functions (as in centralized scheduling), the buildout and programming of sophisticated new software applications, and to replacement projects leading to entirely new facilities.

Apply computer models to support simulation exercises that will assist to optimize flow, determine ultimate capacities, and allow for unlimited "what if" analysis.

If you're already applying Lean and Six Sigma - but not getting the results you want, we can help. We believe in continuous improvement and we're always finding new ways to help organizations improve. Once you've started to apply lean six sigma to your processes, you'll find abundant opportunities to improve your organization.

Continuous Learning Lab™

The Learning Lab is the industry's first lean six sigma online training program. With tools, templates, case studies and exercises designed for professionals, it's the most economical and effective way to introduce these methods to all levels of your organization.


Get organized and get results with Compass. With our project management software, your organization can standardize and track projects across your entire organization. It gets everyone on the same page.

Rapid Action Planning

Sometimes you don't need to go through a rigorous process to achieve results. Rapid Action Planning is a simple problem solving methodology we've developed that's based on the successful "WorkOut" method pioneered by GE. Our one day rapid action training will help you get rapid results.

Candidate Assessment & Support

Management Gurus have long supported the idea that having the right people on your team is critically important. Creato's Candidate Assessment program applies an empirically validated tool to help you identify the best people to achieve your performance improvement goals. Many Creato clients believe so much in our assessment process, they will not consider a new hire without first employing the evaluation tools we make available to them.

Leadership Development

In most organizations, staff that will lead future projects may not have the skills to effectively manage teams. This program is designed to help team leaders quickly build effective communication and management skills.