There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to Change Management - but we’ve got a proven approach for it…

One of the greatest challenges facing business leaders today is ineffective or impaired communication among personnel at virtually every organizational level. Leaders often enter the workplace with little or no training in interpersonal communications or "soft" skills.

Many believe that "hard” skills are what will get them ahead in their careers. But as author Daniel Goleman stated recently:

"The rules for work are changing. We're being judged by a new yard stick: not just how smart we are, or by our training and expertise, but also by how we handle ourselves and each other."

In the course of trying to lead change and transformation, managers often rely on familiar, but not necessarily productive, patterns of behavior that they've become comfortable with over the years.

The fact is, many organizational cultures are not characterized by an emotionally intelligent approach to leadership, communication, and change management.

It's often left up to the individual employee to "figure it out" and find their own way of getting through it all. Some do, many don't.

The organization pays the price in the form of unacceptable turnover, misunderstandings, conflicts, hostile work relationships, and demoralized workers.

Are some or many of these things true for your organization?

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Creato addresses this critical challenge by offering essential programs for organizations seeking to deploy a sustainable change management or performance improvement initiative.

Leadership Development and Support Program

The Leadership Development Program from Creato focuses on developing a powerful and sustainable leadership model based on the competencies of emotional intelligence: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management.

Taking an emotionally intelligent approach to leading others empowers leaders to build the critical leadership component of trust, and to more effectively “connect” with the people they lead.

These leaders know how to leverage that connectivity to inspire and motivate the people they lead, build stronger teams, resolve or avoid conflict, communicate more effectively, and develop their overall personal leadership effectiveness.

Also, as author and psychologist Daniel Goleman states…

“It’s all based on people’s emotions.

For employees, how a leader makes them feel plays a large role in their level of motivation, commitment, and even drives their brain into (or out of) the best zone for marshaling whatever cognitive abilities and skills they bring to the job.”

Emotionally intelligent leaders know how to first understand and manage their own behaviors and emotions, and then how to understand the emotions of the people they lead.

That understanding fosters the building of trust between leaders and followers, and greatly reduces or eliminates the obstacles that so often interfere with building a strong team, department, or organization.

Let’s connect and discuss the challenges you’re organization is having and the best solution for you.

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Candidate Assessment and Support Program

The Lean and Six Sigma Candidate Assessment and Support Program has been developed by Creato to address an often-voiced concern among Lean and Six Sigma user organizations regarding the suitability of prospective candidates for inclusion in Lean or Six Sigma training.

These client organizations want to know how to better choose people to enter the rigorous Lean or Six Sigma training curriculum with a greater likelihood of success.

Some programs suffer from taking the concept of inclusion too far, and involving people not suited for, or not adequately prepared for the rigors of Lean or Six Sigma, causing costly delays and compromising results.

While certain technical and "hard" skills among practitioners are necessary in order to fully appreciate the value that Lean and Six Sigma brings to an organization, the role of "soft" skills in applying Lean or Six Sigma training should not be underestimated.

Those who have mastered Lean or Six Sigma know how important "personal effectiveness" is in implementing and sustaining successful programs in the organization. Increasing personal effectiveness is the primary objective of the Lean and Six Sigma Candidate Assessment and Support program.

The program can be utilized in either the candidate selection process or to support existing program participants.

After a program is introduction by Creato, the process begins with participants being directed to the Personal Behavior Profile process.

Each of the resulting assessments is compiled, reviewed, and validated by the administrator, who is a certified behavioral analyst.

Each individual report is then compared to the proprietary benchmark report. Substantive differences in key areas of behavior are noted.

These differences, along with specific recommendations for improvement, are then presented in a Performance Improvement Report to management.

Participants are debriefed on their reports with an emphasis on utilizing the data to enhance their personal effectiveness in working with other members of the Lean or Six Sigma program.

If requested by management, and for an additional fee, selected participants can receive supportive coaching from Creato to assist in resolving any behavioral issues that may hinder their personal success with Lean or Six Sigma.

The combination of unique, proprietary behavioral benchmarks for both Lean and Six Sigma training and an accurate and strongly validated Personal Behavior Profile for participants is a powerful combination of resources that any Lean or Six Sigma organization can benefit greatly from.

Whether directed toward new participants in Lean or Six Sigma training, or more experienced Lean or Six Sigma veterans, the Lean and Six Sigma Candidate Assessment and Support Program is designed to build greater personal effectiveness and a stronger Lean or Six Sigma program.

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